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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Longest Year

The Longest Year by Stan Crader
The Longest Year is the third book in Stan Crader's trilogy of small town Colby, Missouri. It is a masterful addition to the previous two novels, The Bridge and Paperboy.

The band of boys are back and another year older. As they go forth on their adventures, they are met with new experiences. The newest, most serious situation is turning sixteen and getting a driver's license. Whilst exploring the now familiar surroundings of Colby, the reader will develop an inadvertent smile. Being dropped into the middle of sixties Americana, you can't help but be enchanted. 

There is a realistic brilliance to Stan Crader's fictional novel. Small town headaches and issues are not masked within the confines of the story. The beautiful, the quaint, the ugly, every facet of small town life is explored and adds a complicated dimension that is both touching and poignant.

Personally, I hope to see more stories in this series from the author. Though each book can stand alone on its own merits; together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Powerful and stirring, the stories will continue to remain in your heart and come to mind when you least expect it.

The proceeds from The Longest Year will go to benefit charity. I recommend all three books for readers of all age groups. 

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