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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Bridge

A stirring and inspirational story.
The Bridge by Stan Crader
Colby, Missouri, 1967 small town America.

Young Tommy Thompson faces his greatest challenge yet. A coming-of-age story where Tommy begins seeing reality outside of his comfortable ideals. At 12 years old, Tommy has gotten his very first job and fancies himself in love. His dreams are relatively simple and, as only a child can comprehend, his world is distinctly black and white. Good is good and bad is bad. Absolute certainties exist; such as fried bologna eaten with Miracle Whip and ketchup, and Uncle Cletus, the smartest man in the world. Tommy finds his own footing as he tries to be supportive of his best friend, Booger, who must deal with a death in his family. 

It's a nostalgic world of early America, where things were simpler and human interaction was church functions and neighborly gossip. Phones were a novelty, the internet wasn't even a thought and ice cream sodas were twenty cents. 

Stan Crader has created a delightful journey to a world that has passed us by. This compelling story printed on paper is reminiscent of a heartwarming tale inside a Norman Rockwell painting. Though we may never be able to go back and experience America in 1960, we are granted a quick peek.

I highly recommend this book. Another incredible plus, the author has generously dedicated all of the proceeds to charity.

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