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Monday, May 8, 2017

Never Forget - A Saul Marshall Thriller (Book 2)

Never Forget (Saul Marshall Thriller Book 2) by [Davis, Richard]
NEVER FORGET - A Saul Marshall Thriller (Book 2) by Richard Davis

A new offering of a modern-day warrior tale comes to life in the form of “Never Forget,” a second sequel in the Saul Marshall series.
Saul Marshall is plunged into the harrowing machinations of evil which force him to pursue diabolical enemies. He is forced to face the calculated plans of a fatal agenda that anticipates absolute destruction.

The author has distorted the lines of questionable ethics and the bleak realization of impending catastrophe. The stakes have never been higher; and the reader is thrown between the precarious sectors of normalcy and the seedy underworld that the main character must blend into.

I set my jaw. While I could pretend as though I was still just taking things one step at a time, and could extricate myself with impunity at any point, I knew this was a delusion.

The research that Richard Davis incorporates into this novel lends another level of credibility that is deeply disturbing.

‘...There’s enormous sensitivity in China towards anything that could constitute an encroachment on sovereignty. And America – the preeminent superpower, and a capitalist one no less – is perceived by China as a prime culprit…’

The story escalates in a compelling crescendo of lies and bureaucracy. Davis has created a wide parallel of cautionary terror and thematic consequences that every reader is coming to associate with his writing.

Richard Davis is a Londoner and this is his second novel in the Saul Marshall Series. In 2011 he graduated from UCL and Cambridge University. He is currently published with Canelo.

Never Forget - A Saul Marshall Thriller (book 2) by Richard Davis, 2017 ISBN 9781911420255