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Thursday, March 21, 2013

I've Had My Baby, Now What?

This is an important manual. I speak not only from the first hand experience of having my son, but also from losing a coworker who committed suicide when she couldn't manage to deal with her postpartum depression.
I've Had My Baby, Now What? by Shalay Struhs
This booklet, helpful for first time parents, allows the reader to follow along and realize certain truths about the advent of postpartum depression and a safe way to mitigate those stresses.

The author, who has six children and hypoglycemia, comes forth to enumerate a safe and natural way of diminishing postpartum issues. From diet to supplements, yoga to acupuncture, the reader is given easy-to-follow instructions. There are succinct and detailed definitions that focus on important information for mothers; such as the significance of L-theanine and water consumption.

Shalay Struhs has most certainly forgone extra pages of inane conversation that often inundate pages of certain self-help publications. A sort of cutting-of-the-fat, if you will. 

Postpartum is all too real. It should never be overlooked or underestimated. I would highly recommend this book to all new mothers and fathers.

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