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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weighing Anchors

Weighing Anchors by Mervin Block
Mervin Block has written a tell-all, scathingly honest account of what goes on behind the scenes in a newsroom. After having been a newswriter for high-profile anchors at various networks, he yanks the band-aid off the deep chasm of network blunders and discrepancies.

Weighing Anchors delivers an honest scrutiny that is both hilarious and deeply concerning. It has most certainly called into question most of the news reporting that the general public has been exposed to.

From delivering bad journalism to deliberately misunderstanding situations that rub off onto public perception, each newscaster is taken to task and critiqued.

This book brings some questions to mind. Does it become an abuse of the system when networks and journalists are more concerned with ratings than the truth at hand? Why is it more necessary to create a sensational story out of nothing, than delivering actual facts?

It occurs to me that the issues within this book are only one part of a vicious cycle. We, as a society, allow this kind of deception to occur. When the populous would rather have entertainment than true facts, doesn't it stand to reason that larger entities (such as news networks) exploit it to the farthest degree?

I highly commend Mervin Block for taking the time to increase awareness in shockingly inept and falsely hyped media stories.


  1. OUTSTANDING tell all! Perceptions are manipulated by the mass media and only an inside view through its own lens can expose the truth behind the personalities involved. Great job on this review, Ms. Frost!

  2. Thank you for the reply, Kaeru! I appreciate the support.