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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Skinny Sexy Bride

Skinny Sexy Bride by Jason Fox
I will be the first to admit, I am definitely not a stranger to fad diets, countless body improving books, dvds, or numerous workout crazes. Even so, it's difficult to stick to diets or crazy exercise regiments for any length of time. The biggest problem being, they are too extreme.

Skinny Sexy Bride is a quick read rooted in fact. There is no holy grail here; but even so, the guidelines and exercise routines are simplified and sensible. You don't have to cut out every single piece of fat or sugar from your diet. You're not expected to cut out all carbs or calorie count down to the last ounce of food consumed.

"In this book, I will educate you about food, and I'll show you how to incorporate wonderful, even decadent, food into a healthy diet plan that will also torch fat."

It's not just posturing. The author is true to his words. You will never feel deprived of food. It was even surprising to find a list of recommended foods from certain fast food restaurants at the end of the book that would aid in the fat burning process. 

And no, they're not salads.

The reader will get a crash course in nutrition. There is also a deep emphasis on fat burning myths that are a detriment to looking and feeling healthy. 

This book is amusing, enlightening, and inspiring. I would recommend it for future brides or any individual looking to change their dieting habits, body image, or just have a sensible lifestyle change in general. 

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