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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pinned: A Kentucky True Crime

Pinned: A Kentucky True Crime by Charles W. Massie
This is a bleak and dismal story of a man named Mark Casey.

Mark, who is from New York, meets a woman named Roxie on the internet. As time progresses, they continue chatting, he finds that Roxie shares many of the same interests and has the ideal outlook on life; they are even similar in age.

Since Mark doesn't have the usual work obligations tying him down to one place, he and Roxie decide to test the waters at Roxie's home in Kentucky. A whirlwind romance ensues. They travel the local sites together, have rabid sex and fall in love. Everything seems to come together as the happy couple decide to live in Roxie's beautiful home.

Of course, nothing stays the same. After relocating his life to Kentucky, and their relationship declining into an abysmal failure, Mark is accused of a major crime.

Everything that could go wrong, does.

Though I understand, perhaps, the thought process behind creating such a story, the execution fell a bit short; encompassing unnecessary moments of banality. That said, the author did succeed in transferring the feelings of desperation and hopeless anger that the main character rightfully exuded.

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