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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Primal Creatures

This is a superb read for a dark and chilling evening, when the entire house is quiet, give yourself a little spook. Go ahead, I dare you.
Primal Creatures by Eric Wilder
The cover says it all... Or does it?

The Tracists Monastery is located in the Louisiana Wetlands; it serves as a resort frequented by movie industry cast and crew members. So it comes as a shock when Rance Parker is literally ripped to pieces behind a locked door. 

A movie producer who needs answers to this terrifying mystery hires Wyatt Thomas, a detective from the French Quarter. Wyatt must figure out whether it was voodoo, a rougarou, or something even more sinister that caused the gruesome murder. Whilst delving further into his investigation, he gets the all too palpable feeling of his own life at stake.

"The smile faded, replaced by something eating away at my gut and causing my heart to race out of control. It was fear, an emotion with various flavors: fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of death."

This is the third book in Eric Wilder's chilling collection of abstruse inspection and delving into the occult. Though I am always a fan of following any series from the beginning, Primal Creatures stands well on its own. 

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