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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Parent's Playbook for Learning

A Parent's Playbook for Learning by Jen Lilienstein
Every child is born with special skill sets and, most certainly, unique personality traits. A Parent's Playbook for Learning is an informative go-to guide for all parents.

This book would also serve as a handy tool for new or expecting parents. It is well thought-out, researched, and delineated.

Even with all the experience on the planet, there are some things we may miss when it comes to identifying and encouraging the best in our children. A child who is more responsive to intrinsic encouragement, a child who learns better by seeing, or a child who learns better by sounds, are a few things this book addresses. There are helpful hints and "optimal study buddies" that allow the parents to further evaluate their own teaching styles.

After all, the true bulk of learning begins at home.

Jen Lilienstein draws on her own experience and has created an innovative list separating each kind of learner into eight categories. It is a quick-paced, easy read that offers plenty of new tips and even reassesses some older tricks with a new twist.


  1. Sounds like a GREAT book for young parents. Thank goodness my Daughter is grown.

  2. It really is! Very helpful for new parents. :)