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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nourished By That Which Consumes

This is on my "to read" list. 

Nourished By That Which Consumes, by Joseph Ephraim.

This was  one of those "happy accidents" that I occasionally have. The author, Joseph Ephraim, sent me a tweet about checking out the prologue of his book here: sample prologue.
So wonder of wonders, my curiosity piqued, I clicked the link and read the first few pages. It shows a definite potential to be something quite fantastic. 

This gripping tale takes place in Singapore, the sheer desperation and hopeless plight of the main character, Yu-Lin, and her gambling addicted father, sets a sorrowful scene of the tribulations and nightmares ahead. 

That's just from the prologue.

Plus, at $2.99 on Amazon.com for the digital copy, it's hard to pass up. I'll keep everyone posted on another review after I read the book.

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