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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Heartwarming Story

Sometimes we truly do forget the people behind the scenes.

Rabbi Harry Berkowitz and transit employee

A story that grabbed my attention.

We should honor the everyday people who put forth an effort to do good in a desensitized world. This is my tribute to Rabbi Harry Berkowitz in NYC.

He helps NYC transit workers cope with horrible disasters. It's a fact that most people are more concerned with the person who jumped in front of a moving train than the person in that train who blames him or herself for not being able to stop on time. No one asks about the trauma that the train operators have to live with.

Can we honestly say that it isn't a bit selfish to commit suicide with such cavalier disregard?

Unless a person is a hitman, I doubt people go to work telling themselves that "today is the day I kill someone". 

It's something to ponder seriously and perhaps it will give us all a moment of introspection when next we see or deal with such a grievous event.

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