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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Anthem by Ayn Rand

A Novella for your Thoughts

Imagine a world that shuns free thought. Free speech is banned and forgotten. The masses so oppressed that they no longer remember a time that people had rights.

A very long time ago, every inch of liberty we waived in the name of safety and security was another step toward relinquishing our most treasured right: freedom. We spoke in the name of democracy, yet our own government told us that they would decide what is right or wrong. They would decide what private citizens would be able to own or possess. They knew better. We should not have the right to decide. Should not have the right to stand up and disagree. Our slowly eroding Constitution had disappeared completely. Creating "we", there was no longer individuality.

Enter Anthem.

There is no creativity. There is no free thought. There is no learning outside of what is allowed by the powers that be. The individual does not exist. And any violations are punishable by death.

It is important to remember and read, perhaps re-read such a novella. To remember who we are as a society and that what we fight for is a bigger ideal. What would we be willing to give up just to feel a little security in the present? For short term desires, what have we sacrificed and lost for good?

Don't treat it like a quiz. This book is most certainly dangerous. It will expand your mind and question your own foundation. Be who you are. Be you. It's a New Year, start it off right with this daring novella.

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