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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Roxana's Revolution

Roxana's Revolution by Farin Powell
There is quite an unusual undercurrent within Roxana's Revolution by Farin Powell. It takes the reader on a transcendent journey through different continents, reliving a painful part of American and Iranian history.

The book commences on a tumultuous situation for Roxana, an attorney who receives a letter that could threaten the very fabric of her existence.

"Her American dream had just been shattered, like a house of cards blown away in the wind."

It becomes clearly evident during the initial chapters that this book carries a huge weight of political and emotional turmoil. The frightful events that become a national struggle are well delineated throughout the story.

"She began to feel as though she and all Iranians had been blamed for the hostage taking. Friends came to her with stories of attacks on Iranian students and businesses."

Roxana makes a complicated decision that ultimately throws her smack dab in the middle of an entirely different war. This book gives a new perspective to certain old prejudices and sheds light on an international incident that changed course of history in both Iran and America.

Powell has developed a bold, unusually rich tale based mainly on historical fact, her expansive research and knowledge is apparent throughout this novel. The narration carries the reader through several lives, showing a backdrop of cultural significance that has often gone missing. Sensitive issues are given a voice and displayed without hesitation.

The reader will follow a mesmerizing tale of love, identity, and circumstance; deeply symbolic in its painful recount of the Iranian revolution. I highly recommend this book.

Farin Powell practices law in Washington D.C. She is extremely talented and has published short stories and poems in various literary magazines and poetry anthologies. She is the author of A Piece Of Heaven and Two Weddings.

Roxana's Revolution by Farin Powell, 2013 ISBN 978-1475980622

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