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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

If You Were Me And Lived In... South Korea...

If You Were Me And Lived In... South Korea... by Carole P. Roman
This is a fantastic immersion into a completely different world. From the author who took us on a whirlwind adventure to Mexico, comes an entirely new experience: If You Were Me And Lived In... South Korea... by Carole P. Roman.

There is a sense of expectation and excitement when viewing the cover of an If You Were Me book. Even before delving into the pages, the reader will know that they are in for a spectacular treat.

The book is filled with a rich and diverse introduction to a people who have "lived there for over two thousand years". It is a lesser known place that is deeply routed in tradition and formality. The little boy and girl will take the reader into Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. From there, visitors are given a peek into the wonders of Min Sok Chon (the Korean Folk Village) and taken to a restaurant to eat bulgogi (Korean barbeque) with kimchee (spicy fermented cabbage).

Roman fills the reader with a sense of culture by showing them crucial differences in currency: "...won, which is like a dollar bill..." and language: "When you call your mommy, you would say Omma. When you address your father, his name would be Appa."

It is important for every child to gain exposure to various cultures. This book provides a creative learning aid that is developed specially for children Pre-K to 8-years old, but has proven insightful for people of all ages. If You Were Me And Lived In... South Korea... educates the mind and dispels certain biases that stem from ignorance. It teaches children that there is an entire world out there, unknown to a vast degree, but, thanks to Roman, a bit easier to understand.

Case in point, my son, who loved every bit of the South Korean culture, especially Seol-nal (the Lunar New Year).

Roman has created an enticing tale that provides a delightful learning tool presented under the charming guise of a simple story. She has also provided a Pronunciation page at the end of the book.

This book will enlighten the mind and cultivate the imagination.

Carole P. Roman is also the author of the Captain No Beard series that deals with issues such as dyslexia, compromise, and leadership. Her new series explores the small world we live in as well as the different, complex cultures of the people around us.

If You Were Me And Lived In... South Korea... by Carole P. Roman, 2013 ISBN 978-1481062343


  1. Hello Carole! Thank you for the awesome books! My son is a huge fan. :)