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Friday, February 15, 2013


I honestly don't know what I was expecting when I read this book.

I began to read it when my husband and son were laughing away in the bath like little monkeys, most likely creating a fair-sized pond on the bathroom floor.

It was all down hill from there.
Whupped by Jim Stevens
Yes, it was hilarious. Please understand, this book is no feat of literary mastery.

Jim Stevens made it something quite special. The narration differs from one chapter to the next. Every character gets his or her chance to tell things from his or her point of view. That alone would normally distract and annoy me, but it worked for this particular book.

The story revolves around Jake Dombrowski, a dependable, loyal, hard-working man who always looks for ways to save money. Jake is absolutely enamored with his beautiful, spoiled, money-wasting fiancee, Alyssa Walworth. Their values couldn't be more at odds. As a matter of fact, Alyssa practically hemorrhages money by planning a five-star, over the top wedding with no regard to Jake's feelings.

Enter the Groomsmen, Gideon and Conrad, Jake's best friends from childhood. They devise an outrageous plan to save their clueless buddy from Alyssa's calculating grasp. Jake is subjected to a number of absurd, knee-slapping situations that not only makes the reader feel sympathy for his plight, but lends assurance to the stability of genuine friendship.

I don't think this book would appeal to a large group of women. Though the story of boys who grow up together and look out for each other is touching, the writing is bawdy and, at times, brutal. It is a hard boiled male approach to romance writing. Definitely an interesting perspective.

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