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Friday, February 22, 2013

Exit Strategy

An astonishingly harrowing tale of terror and fright. The mind is a truly incredible mechanism.
Exit Strategy by L.F. Falconer
The story is about Jonas Dumar, a fugitive accused of murder, who sets sail to start a new existence. Only, there's a catch, how far can a person outrun himself?

A stroke of desperation. 

Jonas decides to venture across the Atlantic, away from the accusations of murder and deceit, he sets off with his trusty dog to find haven in a different land.  In the silence of his journey, his mind is his greatest friend and enemy. As he grapples with the emergence of new and old acquaintances, he is pushed to the brink of restraint. 

Enter Gabe and Izzy. They are two free spirits trying to work their way back to Spain. Jonas takes the couple along on his vessel, hoping to circumvent the long, quiet hours spent on the open sea. But nothing is as it seems. The ominous and hellish journey has only begun, Jonas risks his very existence as he attempts to outrun his own demons.

Exit Strategy is a fantastic, hair-raising story that will keep the reader guessing. L.F. Falconer weaves a masterful tale, both simplistic and convoluted, giving insight into the human psyche and causes us to ruminate on our own sanity. I highly recommend this new read of 2013.

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