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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Solomon's Ring

This is a guest review from Kaeru who has, in my humble opinion, one of the best technical review sites on the web. You can check it out here. Thanks again, Kaeru!
Solomon's Ring by Raymond Beresford Hamilton

What would you do to free yourself from a life of bondage and servitude to task masters who don’t even think about your own freedom?  Well, FBI Special Agent Robert Cole and CIA Officer Amir Bloomberg have put the pieces together and are about to find out what it takes for an ancient demon to free itself from its bonds.  King Solomon was said to have a very special ring which encased the Seal of Solomon, having the power to control demons on Earth.  One demon needs a new king to serve.  

At the same time, Cole and Bloomberg find themselves tracking down a dangerous terrorist hell bent on developing a sophisticated new weapon.  Time is running out for the team to connect the dots and uncover the truth.  If they don’t, the world as we know it will change forever.

Raymond Beresford Hamilton’s new science fiction thriller is a creative fusion of biblical revelation and real world threats. Hamilton is brilliant in his newest work, Solomon’s Ring. His ability to tell this gripping story from each character’s perspective is dynamic, fast paced, and will keep you on the edge.  There is always more than meets the eye in the world that surrounds us, and Hamilton knows how to place you in the middle of the action every step of the way.  

First, I felt the frightening chill and goose bumps down my back as the demon manifested in front of me.  Next, I felt the anger and frustration of chasing down a terrorist who seems untouchable.  Finally, I felt the excitement of putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and the anxiety to win the battle and overcome the human and demon willSolomon’s Ring, by Raymond Beresford Hamilton, is a great book for both the first time science fiction thriller reader and the expert alike. 

 Book review by Kaeru.

Solomon’s Ring by Raymond Beresford Hamilton, 2010 ISBN 978-4781-9453-8

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