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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Axis Mundi Sum

This book is strangely entertaining. It is also just plain strange. I don't mean strange as in The Well at the World's End by William Morris. No, I mean strange as in disjointed, jumbled and as fulfilling as eating warm chocolate chip cookies without cold milk.

Axis Mundi Sum by D.A. Smith
The characters are spread too thinly, though they get themselves into engaging situations, there is no real resolution. Don't get me wrong, there are moments of wit, anticipation and dark bouts of humor. But mostly, it seems depressing and full of angst.

The plot. I seem to have lost the plot. Or perhaps there was a minor summation at some point, but the main point of a plot seems lost here. Interesting characters are introduced and placed into scenes ranging from ultimate danger to the supernatural. There are too many moments of anticipation, flipping from page to page, hoping for the story to develop and realizing more disappointment. Even the author, for some reason, inserts himself as a character in the book. 

It is haphazard and almost seems like a culmination of someone's psychedelic magical mushroom ride.

All of that said, it is a book you can read and not give another thought. You can feel as entertained as you allow yourself to be and take it as it is, don't search for a deeper meaning. Seriously, don't. You'll go nuts. 

Though I was given a copy of this book to review, I honestly don't think it would have appealed to me in a book store. I can't recommend this book for everyone or say that it's the most amazing thing I've ever read, but I will say that you should give it a whirl on a snow day when you're trapped in your house with bowl of soup and a candle.

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