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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Travels Of Ching

The Travels Of Ching by Robert Bright
This story is ever-so charming!

Ching is a carefully woven doll whose inadvertent adventures lead him to the best place of all. As he starts off in China, one would hardly imagine the great journey that follows the well-made doll.

It's hard to find stories composed this well. As with most things, the style, direction and tone of writing is different for various time periods; the same can be said about The Travels of Ching. Published in 1943, it still entertains the young minds of 2013.

There is nothing high-tech or even risque about Ching. But the idea is what grasps a small mind with an immense imagination. The illustrations are simple, with inked lines offering predominantly black and white pages; with the exception of Ching, who remains red. He's easy to follow and track throughout the story.

I honestly did not know what my son would think of this book. But needless to say, he didn't speak until I read the entire book from beginning to end.

The first words out of his mouth were, "Ching went everywhere!"

My son was amazed at the small doll who encountered certain adversity and traveled so far.

Robert Bright's stories have been entertaining young minds for many generations; and I am most certain that his stories will continue in that tradition for many more.

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