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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Deadly Election

Deadly Election by Arthur Crandon
There is a certain amount of perceptible greed within every person. Unfortunately, that greed can become limitless when faced with the possibility of incredible fortune. War is something innate in human beings. When greed and war become fused, the human condition is tested, people will most likely choose the path of fortune built upon a foundation of corpses. Deadly Election by Arthur Crandon, displays the absolute path and, oftentimes, failure of mankind.

A rumor exists within the Philippines. A story told from one generation to the next, giving birth to a fantastic legend. It is one of untold riches hidden away within the Philippine jungle, by Japanese soldiers who had committed shockingly deplorable acts of violence and murder during the war.

"No one dared to live in the remote area for a long time... only the brave dared to venture anywhere near the cursed area."

As more than sixty years pass, the legend suddenly becomes a tangible reality.

"The boys were now only fifteen feet away and they could make out the glinting outline of the coins."

Drawing the attention of a decadent and immoral warlord, Senator Enrique Consuelo, a treacherous plan is hatched; murder any witnesses and steal the treasure. But there is one flaw in this misguided turn of events, the adage of Murphy's Law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

" ... it was unusual for him to feel confused or uncertain and he didn't like the feelings. He was out of his depth in the dangerous situation he had created. He tried to think straight, soon his survival instincts began to take over... he wouldn't be safe..."

From Manila to Singapore, the reader is sent on an incredible adventure.

Crandon writes with marvelous aplomb and has devised an intricate tale of the cruel veracity of the human soul. From the beginning, the reader will be drawn into a simple and beguiling narrative. Deadly Election has proved to be a powerful story of lust, betrayal, and political deception.

Arthur Crandon was born and raised in the UK and currently lives in Hong Kong.

Deadly Election by Arthur Crandon, 2013 ISBN-13 978-1479236251

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