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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Forth Conspiracy

The Forth Conspiracy by Thomas Thorpe
Human nature gives individuals the drive to complicate simple matters. Further delving into the psychology deeply embedded into our brains comes two instinctual reflexes: one of greed and the other of survival. This is not a scarce concept, but it may be a challenge to moderate.

The Forth Conspiracy, which takes place in the 1830's, presents this on a grander scale.

The reader is introduced to William and Elizabeth Darmon of Kent, the proprietors of Mayfair Hall, a historic landmark, are caught in an incredible complication. A new bill has been introduced into parliament entitled the "Writ of Confiscation".

"...the Writ may apply to any property without a recorded deed on file. That could qualify as abandonment."

Any sort of justification for the State to make in order to seize of property to fund their own coffers is up for grabs. Mayfair, a place that has been handed down through the generations of William's ancestors, is one of the first properties listed for confiscation unless the Darmons can produce the original deed.

William and Elizabeth, along with their relatives Charles and Emily Bagwell, are met with a journey that takes the two men around the world.

"The Deed is within our Reach
When judgement day is at hand
Lion will lie down with lamb 
Who can tell what wealth we gain
From ancient Egypt to Charlemaine

As Abull Hull lies fast asleep
God will save us from his keep
Our treasure is in heaven now
If we but escape Satan's vow"

As the men race against the clock to the Mediterranean, Elizabeth and Emily must continue an embittered battle at home against the imposing Forth family; who wish to lay claim to Mayfair. It didn't help matters that a member of the Forth family had been found dead on their property.

"The Forth's are seeking a map to the deed, which they believe John Forthwait gave to Victoria. I have discovered that Forthwait was actually Steven Rothwild. You must find the map and send it to William at once."

The complex patchwork of clues provides the book with a story full of rich historical detail. Thorpe's astute and knowledgeable tone of the time period, along with his attention to detail lends a winning salvo to a complicated mystery.

The Forth Conspiracy is the second book in the Darmon Mysteries. It stands alone as a genuinely entertaining read.

Thomas Thorpe has written six historical mystery thrillers of the Darmon Mystery series.

The Forth Conspiracy by Thomas Thorpe, 2013 ISBN 978-1-61296-163-7

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